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  • Juan Goytisolo – Tangier, Havana and the Treasonous Intellectual

    Wow! Two days in a row I’m reposting Arab Lit (in English). Today Marcia Lynx Qualey  brings up (& sends us to a dossier on) one of my very favorite Spanish-born Maghrebi-by-choice writers: Juan Goytisolo (5 January 1931 – 4 June 2017), someone I had hoped to eventually meet — something that was unhappily not […]

  • 8 Short Stories by Arab Women for International Women’s Day

    Via Arab Literature (in English) & BY MLYNXQUALEY : Your gift for International Women’s Day is eight great short stories by Arab women, in translation, available free online: By artist Helen Zughaib, in an exhibition “Arab Spring/Unfinished Journeys: Humanizing Politics Through Art.” A detail image of her piece Generations Lost, 2014. Photographer: Stephanie Mitchell. Many short […]

  • Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: The Public Lecture Series ‘Tarjamat – ترجمات’

    BY MLYNXQUALEY on JANUARY 29, 2018 • ( 0 ) As part of ArabLit’s ongoing series on Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation, we spoke with Prof. Rana Issa, at the American University in Beirut, the founder of “Tarjamat Series: ترجمات.” The “Tarjamat Series: ترجمات” is a series of public lectures on topics on and around […]

  • Court Jesters and Black Mirrors: Translator Alex Elinson on Bringing Moroccan Literature into English

    Via Arab Literature (in English) & BY MLYNXQUALEY on JANUARY 24, 2018 • ( 0 ) Episode 6 of the Bulaq podcast was built — among other things — on a talk by Moroccan novelist Youssef Fadel and conversations with translator Alex Elinson:In that episode, ArabLit’s M. Lynx Qualey & Arabist’s Ursula Lindsey discuss Moroccan literature about the […]

  • Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation:

    ‘Palestinian Literature and Film’ BY MLYNXQUALEY on JANUARY 15, 2018 • ( 0 ) ArabLit’s ongoing series on Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation continues with a conversation between ArabLit’s editor and Prof. Joseph Farag, author of Palestinian Literature in Exile: Gender, Aesthetics and Resistance in the Short Story and faculty at the University of Minnesota.Farag spoke particularly […]


    Böll — Nobel Prize in Literature in 1972 — would have turned 100 yesterday, & if the German papers are honoring him, though with rather distant & at times skeptical homages, internationally there doesn’t seem to be much noise about this centennial. A forgotten writer? He who was maybe the first contemporary prose writer I […]

  • 19 Arab Authors on Their Favorite Reads of 2017

    Via Arab Literature (in English) & BY MLYNXQUALEY on DECEMBER 20, 2017 • ( 0 ) Each year, ArabLit knocks on the doors of a range of Arab novelists, poets, and memoirists, asking for their favorite reads os 2017. This year’s list was co-edited and -translated by Mahmoud Hosny and M Lynx Qualey: Salim Barakat […]

  • 35 Years Later: Memory and Violence in Literary Sabras and Shatilas

     via MLYNXQUALEY  & the always excellent Arabi Literature (in English): on SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 • ( 0 )   It’s now been thirty-five years since the Sabra and Shatila massacres in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps. It is a site to which literature returns and returns; still attempting, if not to make sense, to make connections, to reformulate […]

  • On Black Mountain College: Pierre Joris interviewed by Charles Dantzig

    For his France Culture radio programme Secret professionnel, today, 7/2 at 2p.m. EST on France Culture or podcast here: Quel est le secret professionnel du Black Mountain College, nous recevons pour en parler Pierre Joris, écrivain, poète, traducteur, essayiste.   Le premier bâtiment du Black Mountain College, utilisé de 1933 à 1941• Crédits : Howard Morland […]

  • Reading List 2016

    I was asked to write this piece in late December for the January issue of the Harriet blog The Reading List, a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog, as I had Celan prose translations in the January issue: No matter what else has gone wrong with this year (and much did, obviously, & I won’t dwell on it!), […]