Jean Bollack (1923-2012)

When I think of Jean Bollack — philologist, philosopher, hermeneut, translator, commentator, friend to Paul Celan & irritant to many — the first word that comes to mind is “décrasser,” a French term that means to clean, to scrub or more powerfully, to scour, even dip into a bath of acid to remove the accumulated  gangue of lazy thought & language. He did this mostly to the Greek tragedies and the pre-socratic … Read more Jean Bollack (1923-2012)

Happy 80th Michael McClure!

Paul Nelson has a nice tribute for Michael McClure on his 80th b-day on his site. Opening paras here; the whole shebang here.   by SPLABMAN on OCTOBER 19, 2012 · LEAVE A COMMENT Michael McClure turns 80 today, October 20, 2012. A leading USAmerican poet, playwright, essayist and novelist, he was born in Kansas, but spent some of his formative years in Seattle and is considered a Black Mountain poet, a Beat poet and … Read more Happy 80th Michael McClure!

Basil King: Mirage & More

Saturday September 22 FILM PREMIERE BASIL KING : MIRAGE a film co-directed by Nicole Peyrafitte & Miles Joris-Peyrafitte  at Anthology Film Archives  32 2nd Ave – NYC Basil King: Mirage Trailer from miles joris-peyrafitte on Vimeo. Saturday September 22 FILM PREMIERE BASIL KING: MIRAGE We are really exited about the premiere of our 22 mn documentary film on painter & poet Basil King at Anthology Film Archive. This is a family affair since Miles & I … Read more Basil King: Mirage & More

Ody Roos’ Homage to Chris Marker

On the way back to NYC from the Pyrenees we stopped over in Paris for two days & spent a fair amount of time with my old friend, the Luxembourgian film maker Ody Roos. Talk of course went immediately to the sad news of his friend Chris Marker’s death — then Ody pulled a thumbdrive from his pocket & handed it to me. It contained an homage video he had put … Read more Ody Roos’ Homage to Chris Marker

Toop on Coxhill

Lol Coxhill in a skip. Art event copyright Simon Thackray. Photo: Tony Bartholomew. cris cheek just alerted us to a superb homage to Lol Coxhill by his friend & collaborator David Toop. Below 2 paragraphs from that homage; you can read the full piece here.  Lol could be an extraordinarily generous person. There were those he believed to be “duff”, dismissed with pithy anecdote and an underplayed chuckle, and … Read more Toop on Coxhill

Homage to Paul Celan

Edited by Ilya Kaminsky and G.C.Waldrep “If there is a country named Celania—as Julia Kristeva once proposed—its holy texts are filled with doubt, and they overcome this doubt almost successfully, with words of wrenching, uncompromised beauty…The book in your hands is not intended to become one of those heavy scholarly tomes that serve as a “proof” of one’s position in the literary/academic hierarchy. Rather, this is a collection of various … Read more Homage to Paul Celan

Antonio Tabucchi (1943-2012)

I have not been a great novel reader for a long time now, but Antonio Tabucchi — first discovered in Paris in the eighties when Christian Bourgois started publishing him in French — was & remains someone I read with pleasure. He is a supremely elegant, rather spare prose stylist, whose love for Portugal and — before all — the writings of poet Fernando Pessoa was so great that he not only  moved … Read more Antonio Tabucchi (1943-2012)

Robert Kelly’s Homage for Jerome Rothenberg @ 80

Unable to be present in person for the celebratory gathering for Jerome Rothenberg @ 80 at the Graduate Center last Friday, Robert Kelly sent the following homage, which I read as part of the introduction to Jerome Rothenberg’s reading (the other part being David Antin’s homage, read by Charles Bernstein & published here). “I wish I could be there now to thank and praise and celebrate—bless you all for doing it for me.  But … Read more Robert Kelly’s Homage for Jerome Rothenberg @ 80