A Voice Full of Cities: The Collected Essays of Robert Kelly

!OUT NOW! It is no exaggeration to suggest that Robert Kelly may well be America’s most prolific poet, and certainly one of the most singular and ceaselessly innovative writers the country produced in the 2nd part of the past century. To date, he has published more than 70 books of poetry and fiction — books that reveal a breathtaking range, from freshly minted trobar clus and contemporized sonnet forms, … Read more A Voice Full of Cities: The Collected Essays of Robert Kelly

Le Printemps des poètes 2014 — in New York

Les Services Culturels de l’Ambassade de France présentent une série éclectique d’évènements passionnants à New York en avril, avec la présence de poètes francophones et anglophones tels que Rachida Madani, Pierre Alferi, Anne Portugal, Adonis, Pierre Joris, Ben Lerner, et Anna Moschovakis. Animés d’un appétit insatiable pour les jeux de langage, des poètes Américains et français se retrouvent pour ouvrir une large réflexion sur l’écriture poétique et s’embarquer dans une discussion … Read more Le Printemps des poètes 2014 — in New York

Help Save New York Public Library!

  The campaign to save some of New York City’s most popular and beloved libraries needs your help. Can you make a donation now to save NYPL? Donate to Save NYPL There is an extraordinary new groundswell of opposition to the New York Public Library’s expensive, misguided plan to sell branch libraries including the Mid-Manhattan, gut the 42nd Street research stacks, and exile much of the world-famous public research collection to New … Read more Help Save New York Public Library!

More on The New York Public Library

The latest message from the Committee to Save the New York Public Library: Dear friends, The new issue of the New Criterion magazine contains a feature article titled “Philanthropic Tyranny at the NYPL” slamming the proposed Central Library Plan.  Money quote (quite literally): “It is conspicuous that the guiding figure of the project was Marshall Rose, the chairman emeritus of the library and perhaps New York’s wealthiest real estate magnate. … Read more More on The New York Public Library

Tonight at Poets House

I’ll be there: Coming up at Poets House Tuesday, October 1, 7:00pm Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Reading & Panel Discussion In response to the 2007 destruction of Baghdad’s centuries-old literary district, poet and bookseller Beau Beausoleil founded the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition, which has evolved over five years to include an international traveling exhibit composed of artists’ books and broadsides, a selection of which are on display at Poets House … Read more Tonight at Poets House

Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

Adishatz, Hello! Our spring was busy & rich with a great tour of the UK. You can find videos & pix on my facebook page, Pierre Joris’ blog & more links below. We are now almost ready to embark on a long summer transhumance filled with many exciting stages — see short & longer term dates below. Meanwhile, let me fill you in on our publications. Bi-Valve : Vulvic Space / Vulvic Knowledge — which … Read more Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

David Levering Lewis on NYPL

I received the following open letter from David Levering Lewis yesterday, & think it worthwhile reposting it here. The New York Public Library reconstruction plans are really now being shown as what they are  at bottom: a real estate scam. Time to take action: Dear Friend, On May 1, 2012, some seven hundred well-known scholars, writers, researchers, and teachers, alarmed by a plan for radical redesign of the interior … Read more David Levering Lewis on NYPL

80 Years Ago, @ 451 Fahrenheit

A day not to be forgotten: Eighty years ago, on 10 May 1933 in a number of cities throughout the so-called Third Reich, the Nazis publicly burned the books (upwards of 25,000) of many writers, mong them Kurt Tucholsky, Ossietzky, Heinrich Heine, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Heinrich Mann, Erich Kästner & Bertolt Brecht. A good number of intellectuals left the country — the consequences still detectable today. Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels enjoyed the event & in … Read more 80 Years Ago, @ 451 Fahrenheit

Iraqi Authors on ‘A Decade of Despair’

Via & thanks to the as always excellent blog Arab Literature (in English): Posted on March 21, 2013 by mlynxqualey | Leave a comment This is the month, the week, the fifteen minutes that the world is grappling with and reflecting on the US-led invasion of Iraq. But it’s been more than fifteen minutes for Iraqi authors; particularly those, like Ahmed Saadawi, who are still in Iraq: Ahmed Saadawi: A Decade of Despair (New York Times) … Read more Iraqi Authors on ‘A Decade of Despair’