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There is an extraordinary new groundswell of opposition to the New York Public Library’s expensive, misguided plan to sell branch libraries including the Mid-Manhattan, gut the 42nd Street research stacks, and exile much of the world-famous public research collection to New Jersey.

Eight Pulitzer Prize winners have spoken out against this plan. One of them, comix legend Art Spiegelman, created the powerful image you see above. Another, MacArthur Fellow and National Book Award winner Junot Diaz, writes, “To destroy the NY Public Library is to destroy our sixth and best borough; that beautiful corner of New York City where all are welcome and all are equals.”

Lydia Davis, Man Booker prize-winning author, slams the trustees’ plan as “so obviously an irresponsible real estate deal that places pure greed for profit over the advancement of learning and enlightenment.” National Book Award-winning writer Jonathan Lethem warns that institutions like NYPL “can’t be entrusted to the stewardship of real-estate developers, corporate synergists, media barons, and other ostensibly well-intentioned, deal-drunk one-percenters.”

And fourteen of Mayor de Blasio’s closest allies — the leaders of key unions and community groups, as well as prominent progressives like Susan Sarandon and Gloria Steinem — just asked the mayor to allocate the $150 million City taxpayer subsidy for the plan to struggling branch libraries instead.

The Save NYPL campaign needs your financial support to stop the gutting of one of the world’s great public research institutions and the sale of two of New York City’s most popular branch libraries. Can you make a donation right now?

Thousands have emailed Mayor de Blasio already to call on him to stop this ill-conceived and wildly unpopular deal. But he hasn’t yet responded, and with the City budget deadline approaching, the time to stop this plan is now! Every dollar you donate will help save the libraries you love, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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