Five Years After the Cast Lead Operation: ‘Gaza Writes Back’

Originally posted by Arabic Literature (in English): by mlynxqualey It was five years ago that Cast Lead began. Now a book of short stories, Gaza Writes Back, marks the anniversary. The book’s editor, Refaat Alareer, answers questions about the collection:  ArabLit: How did the idea for this collection come about? How did you put out the call for submissions? Did you tell the writers it was to commemorate Cast Lead? … Read more Five Years After the Cast Lead Operation: ‘Gaza Writes Back’

Shahadat : The City in Translation

Check out this issuu issue of Contemporary Literature in  Translation, edited by Sousan Hammad: Intro Note: The rich collection in this issue of Shahadat reflects Sousan Hammad’s unique approach to translation as a form of collective engagement and draws on the works of poets from urban milieus in Syria, Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon that are transformed through the emotional force of poetry. From the poems of Najwan Darwish, set in an … Read more Shahadat : The City in Translation

Euro-Mediterranean Translation: a Mapping

Arab Literature (in English) brought my attention to this study of translation: Mapping Translation: Into and Out of Arabic by mlynxqualey The big study that resulted from a number of translation reports — into and out of Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew — is now available on the Anna Lindh Foundation’s website: “A Mapping of Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.” Anna Lindh folks note in the release: “The study takes into account the … Read more Euro-Mediterranean Translation: a Mapping

What We’ve Been Up To

— Nicole helps bake a mountain cake for my birthday & documents the process: Coque or Gâteau à la Broche – Nicole Peyrafitte Photos Credit: Nicole Peyrafitte & Roland Jamme Video: Nicole Peyrafitte Flower arrangement on the cake: Sylvia Gorelick.  — & I get published inside a gator: i.e. in alligatorzine alligatorzine113 | Pierre Joris | St/range: An uncertain range with a French translation by Peter Cockelbergh here. alligatorzine114 | Pierre Joris | Meditations on the Stations of … Read more What We’ve Been Up To

Goethe's Arabic Title Page

After I posted on Goethe & his Color Theory last week, Tom Cheetham mentioned the post on his Corbin blog,  and pointed to his own postings on the matter, looking at Corbin’s interests in Goethe and at the latter’s interests in Islam and Islamic poetry, Hafiz peeminently (here). I have been reading Goethe’s West-Östlicher Divan for a long time now, & have given thought to the possibility of retranslating … Read more Goethe's Arabic Title Page

Lodève (5): Souad Salem

Here a video of Libyan poet Souad Salem reading one of her works. I should have a translation of the poem up tomorrow. The festival’s poet’s bio-notes gives only this: “Born in Tripoli (Libya) in 1966, she has a Masters in Economics & is assistant chief-editor of the magazine “The House.” She contributes regularly to a range of Arab newspapers and magazines and is active in the Women’s Rights … Read more Lodève (5): Souad Salem

Sur la Route, & back home again…

Labor Day march across the Mackinac Bridge. After half a life time spent in These States, I still am not reconciled with Labor Day not being on 1 May. Damn you Grover Cleveland. So I’ll start the labor of getting this blog back on the road after a long slow summer that didn’t lend itself (erratic low-baud modem, much traveling) to consistent blogging. Here are a few interesting notices/events … Read more Sur la Route, & back home again…