Sur la Route, & back home again…

Labor Day march across the Mackinac Bridge.

After half a life time spent in These States, I still am not reconciled with Labor Day not being on 1 May. Damn you Grover Cleveland. So I’ll start the labor of getting this blog back on the road after a long slow summer that didn’t lend itself (erratic low-baud modem, much traveling) to consistent blogging. Here are a few interesting notices/events gathered these last few days, while I return to the Mets, and Pedro’s return:

A FrenchKerouac imitator – takes the “On the Road” trip in 2007, mainly photos, but interesting in its own, French way. Go there.


Excellent review of Eshleman’s Vallejo. Here.


New issue of absent magazine, featuring poetry by Jasper Bernes, Charles Berstein, Regis Bonvicino, Jack Boettcher, Tim Botta, Julia Cohen, Shanna Compton, John Cotter, Shafer Hall, Lisa Jarnot, Pierre Joris, Joan Kane, Noelle Kocot, Jason Labbe, Kathleen Ossip, The Pines, Matthew Rohrer, Kate Schapira, Mathias Svalina, Kathryn Tabb, Allison Titus and Betsy Wheeler.

in translation with Sergei Kitov and Octavo Paz.

musical work by Aaron Einbond.

prose by Joe Amato, Peter Ciccariello, Simon DeDeo, Adam Golaski, Kent Johnson, Amy Newman, Davis Schneiderman and Tyler Williams.

edited by Elisa Gabbert and Simon DeDeo; with great gratitude to Irwin Chen and his class at Parsons School of Design in New York City.


Philosophers on YouTube

The European Graduate School has made lectures from Jacques Derrida, Jean Baudrillard, Slavoj Zizek, Judith Butler, Jean-Luc Nancy and many others available on YouTube. (Thanks to ReadySteadyBook to point it out). Here’s the full list.


Arabic as a Terrorist Language
The Right-Wing’s War on the Gibran Academy (and Common Sense)


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Comment on “Sur la Route, & back home again…”

  1. Say what you want about America, Labor Day, and poetics, my friend, but don’t knock Grover Cleveland. One story goes that he was so unaware of the 1892 depression that when he found someone out on the White House lawn eating the grass, he suggested they try the back yard. “It’s taller there,” he told the poor fellow.

    Glad you’re back. It’s been a long summer with people off vacationing and all that!


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