Boualem Sansal receives German Peace Prize

By Associated Press, Published: October 16

BERLIN — Algerian writer Boualem Sansal has won the top award at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair for his struggle for democracy in his homeland.

Sansal accepted the €25,000 ($35,000) Peace Prize in Frankfurt on Sunday, saying it will encourage the region’s people who are trying to liberate themselves from “vicious and archaic dictatorships.”

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  1. Galou says:

    When Sansal was criticized to have gone to the Paris 2008 Salon du livre , boycotted by most Artab writers and intellectuals to protest against the massacre of the Palestinians by Israel, he is quoted to have responded “Je fais de la littérature, pas la guerre”.
    Did he actually get this prize as a freedom fighter or as a writer?

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