Paul Celan: Speak, You Too

As chance, whatever that is, would have it, after being silenced by yesterday afternoon’s zoom-bombing just as I was about to speak on translating Paul Celan for Princeton, my publisher, FSG, as part of their 75th birthday celebration, just now published a little video (recorded 6 weeks ago by Nicole Peyrafitte) of me reading my translation of Celan’s poem “Speak You Too,”  something — speak, neither you nor I … Read more Paul Celan: Speak, You Too

The Austin International Poetry Fest—Events & Pix

via Nicole Peyrafitte’s blog with a few additions: Here are a few shots of our Domopoetics event in Austin. Above is the Kasrtic-Action Painting made during the performance. Thank you Roger West & Kate Rex for bringing us here. Thank you Francis McGrath for the improvised music. Thank you Samantha Barendson for the snapshots. Our international contingent — guest poets along with AIPF organizers. #france #Iowainternational#NYC #luxembourg #UK #ukraine #italy … Read more The Austin International Poetry Fest—Events & Pix

Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht: Murdered 100 Years Ago Today — & Paul Celan’s Poem “You Lie.”

Her corpse was found only 4 months after her assassination, in the Landwehrkanal in Berlin where her murderers had thrown her on January 15 1919. The place is memorialized by a sculpture (you’ll see at the end of the video below). She was shot together with Karl Liebknecht (whose body was delivered anonymously to a morgue) — the two being socialists (& the founders of the Spartacus League) during the … Read more Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht: Murdered 100 Years Ago Today — & Paul Celan’s Poem “You Lie.”

Opening Weekend at la Galerie Simoncini Luxembourg

via Nicole Peyrafitte’s blog: October 22nd, 2017 Amazing week (preparing, setting up, installing) and uplifting weekend (painting, reading, performing) at the Simoncini Gallery in Luxembourg. We had a three-day opening party during which we nomadically performed our collaborations moving across the three floors of the exhibition. At the lower level we had installed a complete set of Pierre Joris’ publications — about 60 books & chapbooks moving between poetry, essays … Read more Opening Weekend at la Galerie Simoncini Luxembourg

Videos from 2017 Poetry Project Marathon: Yau, Peyrafitte, Warsh, Waldman, Mekas, Moore, Joris, Morris

All videos by Pierre Joris — except the Pierre Joris one, which is by Nicole Peyrafitte .

From Glasgow: Flash Interview #3

Pierre Joris Flash Interview #3 from Tawil Productions on Vimeo. Nicole Peyrafitte conducts & films another spontaneous Flash Interview at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow where we spent an excellent near-week for the Outside-in / Inside-out poetry conference.

See you in Philly at Kelly Writers House Tomorrow!

Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte will be speaking in tongues Thursday in Philly. It starts at 6:30PM with yummy offering at the end! The Kelly Writers House located at 3805 Locust Walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. See you there! Multilingual Poetics: Pierre Joris and Nicole Peyrafitte Thursday, September 8, 6:30 PM · Philadelphia, PA