Sausage Kulchur

And now for something completely different: Lithuania has a dilemma, the Perlentaucher reports, referring to an article by Viktoria Morasch in the taz: The country’s favorite sausage is called “the soviet” and uses old socialist aesthetics in its ad-campaigns. Since 2003 there is also a “euro-sausage” available, but it is considered to be of much lower quality. Now, given the present political situation, the consumption of  something “soviet” makes an … Read more Sausage Kulchur

Europe, A Poem?

Just back from Europe — where the elections for the European Parliament are heating up  — though “heat” may be the wrong image to conjure, or seems only appropriate for the most rightwing fascoid parties who see in these elections their chance to throw their weight around paradoxically exactly on that platform their hyper-nationalistic ideology wants to abolish: the post-nationalist EEC institutions in Strasbourg & Bruxelles. Finally Hungarian, French, English, Italian … Read more Europe, A Poem?

A Morning in Luxembourg

I’m in grey, rainy (so what’s new?) Luxembourg for a vernissage (see this blog, here). Visit family & talk a long walk, then sit at the Place d’Armes (d’Plëss), drink coffee or Rosporter bubbly water, talk to people. Grey rainy morning until on the bandstand of the square where usually the municipal brass band holds forth  for lunch -time concerts, a Qatari traditional orchestra with ouds, various drums, violins & a … Read more A Morning in Luxembourg

Charles Bukowski Called it Splitsville 20 Years ago

Henry Charles Bukowski, born Heinrich Karl Bukowski August 16, 1920, in Andernach, Germany died March 9, 1994 in Los Angeles. Poet, novelist, chronicler, drunk, & much more. A very accurate poem on la condition humaine, as the hi’fallutin’ French would say, below: & here’s a letter Buk sent me on Dec 23, 1971, at a time when I was trying to get him published in France:

The Great European Digital FreakOut

Ever since past summer’s revelations by the man-who-should-get-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize of the NSA’s global digital snooping, the Europeans have been freaking out. This morning my beloved France Culture had an hour long program discussing or rather explaining basics of digital communication, for example the difference between email & the web — the difficulty may have lain in the fact that they used a good half-dozen English words (such as “le broadcasting,” … Read more The Great European Digital FreakOut

& Cronenberg Interviews

…  Via the German Perlentaucher site (my daily info place for Kulchural matters from Germany) I just came upon these long interviews with David Cronenberg (btw. the above is a still pix, not a link). These aren’t available — as far as I can see — on youtube, but very watchable on the German 3sat site, here. (In a strange way my haircut theme from yesterday’s post on Cassavetes … Read more & Cronenberg Interviews

See John Cassavetes Get A Haircut

YouTube comment: The Haircut (Tamar Simon Hoffs, 1982) A true gem of a film … you either get it or you don’t. If you get it, you never forget it. For a better quality video pick up a copy of Tamar Hoff’s “The Allnighter” on DVD, it includes “The Haircut” as a bonus feature. The Haircut also features a short performance by ‘The Bangs’ a predecessor to the all-girl … Read more See John Cassavetes Get A Haircut