Sausage Kulchur

wurstAnd now for something completely different: Lithuania has a dilemma, the Perlentaucher reports, referring to an article by Viktoria Morasch in the taz: The country’s favorite sausage is called “the soviet” and uses old socialist aesthetics in its ad-campaigns. Since 2003 there is also a “euro-sausage” available, but it is considered to be of much lower quality. Now, given the present political situation, the consumption of  something “soviet” makes an unbearable political statement.  As Morasch writes: “The Soviet Union represents the Bad and the Totalitarian. It is the very incarnation of failure. The sausage has however been a success so far because the Soviet Union also represents the past, the old and familiar, childhood. It gets connected with the natural. Food, during the days of the Soviet Union was scarce but good — at least in the memory of many Lithuanians.”


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  1. Poo says:

    As the stomach turns…………………..My kingdom for a sausage.

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