Ciao, Peter O’Toole

Once stood next to him at the Closerie des Lilas in Montparnasse on the shoot of What’s New Pussycat, still one of my favorite silly movies. A tall, lanky lad he was. Impressed me no end. Here are two clips, or rather one clip from Pussycat & the full version of 1972 film The Ruling Class (O’Toole appears first exactly 20 minutes in) — though I doubt I will ever … Read more Ciao, Peter O’Toole

A Thanksgiving Team: Burroughs & Mustill, Redux

via Jan Herman‘s Straight Up site: November 28, 2013 by Jan Herman Leave a Comment A Straight Up tradition continues. William S. Burroughs’s words of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day paired with a couple of collages by Norman O. Mustill. Look and listen. It’s delish . . . Collages © 1967 by Norman O. Mustill, excerpted from ‘Flypaper’ [Beach Books, San Francisco, 1967] Thanks for the wild turkey and the passenger pigeons, destined to be shit … Read more A Thanksgiving Team: Burroughs & Mustill, Redux

The Horse’s Ass As Aesthetic Gauge

In the German newspaper Die Welt, Siegfried Tesche speaks with filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, whose latest film Me and You just started its run in Germany, about movie-making and a range of other subjects (If you have German, read the interview here). One of the subjects under discussion is Sergio Leone, with whom Bertolucci had wanted to work very much. Here’s  Bertolucci recollection: “In the sixties Sergio Leone was one of the … Read more The Horse’s Ass As Aesthetic Gauge

Today, Fifty Years Ago…

… the Beatles recorded their first album: Please Please Me which in this country nobody wanted to release prudishly reading the title as a request for giving head… Recorded  on 11 February it was released on March 22, 1963 in the UK. An edited version (see above) was released in the US later that year, and retitled Introducing the Beatles. Songs in this album included: Anna Ask Me Why Baby its You … Read more Today, Fifty Years Ago…

Winter along the Narrows

A man-shaped tree-trunk drifted up the Narrows some ten days ago to come to rest against the rocks and in front of our eyes. Now at low tide, in the Great Cold, iced over, it finally reveals itself to Nicole’s perspicacious camera not as my supposed anthropoid but as an another E.T.-oid.

Narrows Signage

On our walk this morning along the Narrows twixt 69th Street wharf & the Verrazano bridge, this flotsam spotted. You read it without reading it & it seems funny that a ROAD WORK sign somehow winds up on the rocks in the New York Harbor Narrows. You snap it with your iPhone & upload it at home. You look at it closely & what you thought read ROAD WORK … Read more Narrows Signage