Against Erasure: Art and Sudan’s Sit-in

& once again via & thanks to the great work ArabLit is doing: JUNE 15, 2019 More than 100 people were killed and hundreds injured in the government’s June 3 attack on a sit-in in Khartoum, where protesters were gathered to demand justice, accountability, and choice in their future governance. The sit-in site had also been a site for art: By Lemya Shammat Before it was brutally stormed at … Read more Against Erasure: Art and Sudan’s Sit-in

Hannah Arendt’s “On Revolution”

It seems useful at this point in time to remind ourselves of some of Hannah Arendt thinking — thinking that here turns around the American revolution, its political system & constitution.  

Patrick Chamoiseau: “Le Livre Luciole”

Below, the notice I just received for Martinican poet Patrick CHAMOISEAU’s new book. Below that, my quick translation of the excerpts, with which I am in total agreement: Frères migrants,  qui le monde vivez,  qui le vivez bien avant nous,  frères de nulle part,  ô frères déchus,  déshabillés,  retenus et détenus partout,  les poètes déclarent en votre nom… Migrant brothers, who live the world, who live it well before us, brothers from … Read more Patrick Chamoiseau: “Le Livre Luciole”

Resist much, Obey Little

“we can’t build a wall. we can only spout pure water again and again and drown his lies.”  -Eileen Myles 340 poets, 730 pages.  Coming in mid-February. For more information, go to: