Patrick Chamoiseau: “Le Livre Luciole”

Below, the notice I just received for Martinican poet Patrick CHAMOISEAU’s new book. Below that, my quick translation of the excerpts, with which I am in total agreement:
Frères migrants, 
qui le monde vivez, 
qui le vivez bien avant nous, 
frères de nulle part, 
ô frères déchus, 
retenus et détenus partout, 
les poètes déclarent en votre nom…

Migrant brothers,

who live the world,

who live it well before us,

brothers from nowhere,

Oh, fallen brothers,


retained & detained everywhere,

the poets declare in your name…

& below:

The poets declare
that in the matter
of individual
& collective
& trans-world
no penalizations
may be imposed
on anyone
for whatever reason
& that no such thing as
a solidarity delict
can be said to exist.

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