Mieczyslaw Weinberg's Requiem

The German weekly Die Zeit presents (though not available in their online edition) a major little known (at least to me, until now) Russian composer, namely  Mieczyslaw Weinberg (1919-1996), whose work – 22 symphonies , 17 string quartets – as the Perlentaucher sums up, is in the process of being rediscovered today:  “Not everything convinces alike. But the definitive works are superb, such as the Requiem which he wrote … Read more Mieczyslaw Weinberg's Requiem

Forthcoming Events

Sunday June 27th Metropolitan Museum 1:00PM “Picasso, Pablo Ruiz: Spanish Poet Who Dabbled in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture”” A conference & reading by Pierre Joris, co-editor and translator of Pablo Picasso’s poetry: The Burial Of The Count Of Orgaz & Other Poems Nicole Peyrafitte will read  the French & Spanish versions of Picasso’s texts. * * * Tuesday June 29th TRIALOGUES @  The Vision Festival XV Abrons Arts Center … Read more Forthcoming Events


… and the longest word of the day is: Stadtschlosswiederaufbauaufschubentscheid …found while reading through my daily “Heute in the Feuilletons” Perlentaucher write-up of cultural news. It  was a word in an article in today’s FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung) claiming that it is an “epochale Niederlage der Kulturpolitik” i.e. an “epochal defeat of cultural politics.” The article is not available online, so there is no way of checking if the … Read more Untranslatable

Franz Kamin (1941-2010)

Franz Kamin was a prolific composer whose musical works explore structural principals derived from topology, prosody, General Systems Theory, and esoteric/meditational processes in unusual combinations of genre and technique: conventional instruments and children’s toys; sound poetry and puppet theater; choreography and speaking chorus; systematic chance operations and programmed improvisation; performance scribbling and the live reading of narrative texts. Born in Milwaukee, Kamin studied composition at the University of Oklahoma … Read more Franz Kamin (1941-2010)

Extract of Last Night's Gig with Peyrafitte & Bisio

Wanted to upload some extracts from the video I shot (poorly, iPhone isn’t the Red camera) of Ed Sanders’ closing event at the Worcester Olson conference on Saturday. But I need to spend some more time editing the video, so it won’t be up for a couple days yet. Meanwhile, here is an audio-file (I’m a bit faster at editing them thar things) of a part of last night’s … Read more Extract of Last Night's Gig with Peyrafitte & Bisio

Peyrafitte, Joris & Bisio @ Local269

Monday March 29th 8PM Nicole Peyrafitte, Pierre Joris & Michael Bisio (bass) THE LOCAL 269 269 E Houston Street NYC check out the full line up and details as the NY Times put it: “EVOLVING VOICE/EVOLVING MUSIC (Monday) The headliner on this edition of the experimental music series, appearing at 10 p.m., is Bizingas, a quartet with Kirk Knuffke on trumpet, Brian Drye on trombone, Jonathan Goldberger on guitar … Read more Peyrafitte, Joris & Bisio @ Local269

Kenneth Noland (1924-2010)

Sometime in the early eighties in Paris on my way home I stopped in at Steve Lacy’s loft just two blocks south of my place on rue du Temple. I did this often because it was a great pleasure to come upon Steve rehearsing with quartet or sextet or composing at the piano — this was the moment he was writing the 20 songs based on Robert Creeley poems … Read more Kenneth Noland (1924-2010)

Winter, Sebald, Norwich, Poetry Marathon, Soju, & more

A quiet evening spent looking out at the wintery landscape here in Brooklyn while spending time online, nomadically moving from one site to another, finally reading Le Monde’s political pages, then its book section keeping Pierre Assouline’s blog La république des livres for last, which in turn led me to a strange and marvelous blog the last post of which opened with the Avercamp winter landscape reproduced above. The … Read more Winter, Sebald, Norwich, Poetry Marathon, Soju, & more

Miles, Corbin, Kelly, Greenland, etcetera.

Miles Joris-Peyrafitte has a new band called  St. Jacques. They’re just back from the studio where they recorded two songs they call “The Fear of Landing” — you can hear them here! * * * For the last 2 weeks or so I have been exchanging thoughts & emails with Tom Cheetham, the Corbin scholar, mainly on the concept of Ta’wil in poetics. Tom has now put a good … Read more Miles, Corbin, Kelly, Greenland, etcetera.