Shakuhachi Master Akikazu Nakamura in Concert: “Transformation,” “Crane’s Nesting” & “Jinbo Sanya.”

I was pleased to have been present for the first musical event in a new series organized by ACF Philadelphia at the MAAS Center on February 21st. It featured shakuhachi master and composer Akikazu Nakamura. As the program put it:  “Akikazu Nakamura is an ideal first guest for the series, in that his musical universe encompasses a range of styles that may seem very unusual. He is a highly regarded master of the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) but also studied classical and jazz music in the USA at Berklee College of Music. In his unique style, many musical elements are combined in new and fresh ways.” The evening also featured Mr. Nakamura in conversation with ACF Philadelphia director Gene Coleman, the organizer of the event. I recorded three extracts of Akikazu Nakamura’s musical presentation which I make available here with his agreement.

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