Short, Thorny Messages & Earthquakes

Started the morning by looking & puzzling at the photo John Maas sent (above) and reading & puzzling at the Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) (below): 10/19/2010 What do short messages and earthquakes have in common? According to a new study, communication via short messaging can be described with the same mathematical laws used for describing the occurrence of earthquakes, strong rainfalls and … Read more Short, Thorny Messages & Earthquakes

Grotesque Alphabet

via shivabel again: This late 16th century suite of ornamental letters by Giacomo Paolini is known as ‘Grotesque Alphabet in Mythological Landscapes’. Music by Claudio Monteverdi, ‘L’Orfeo — Toccata’. A – ‘Ateone mutato in Cervo da Diana’ B – ‘Bacco trionfante’ C – ‘Cadmo mutato in Serpente con la moglie’ D – ‘Dedalo’ ‘Icaro’ E – ‘Enea che porta Anchise suo padre sulle spalle’ F – ‘Fetonte guisa il … Read more Grotesque Alphabet

Some Summer Noticings

Catching up with accumulated magazines, webpages & sundry readings, here are a few gleanings: — Good analysis of the BP-disaster & its (very overlooked connections with similar oil-disaster brought about by the naked greed of the Oil Cos in other parts of the world, i.e. far away from what I call the ABS syndrome (American Bellybutton Staring), can be found here, on TomDispatch in a piece by Ellen Cantarow. … Read more Some Summer Noticings


… and the longest word of the day is: Stadtschlosswiederaufbauaufschubentscheid …found while reading through my daily “Heute in the Feuilletons” Perlentaucher write-up of cultural news. It  was a word in an article in today’s FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung) claiming that it is an “epochale Niederlage der Kulturpolitik” i.e. an “epochal defeat of cultural politics.” The article is not available online, so there is no way of checking if the … Read more Untranslatable