New Ekleksographia

Friends, Strangers and Fellow Poets, Ahadada Books‘ online journal Ekleksographia presents Wave Three: The France Issue, in memory of Raymond Federman and guest edited by Alexander Dickow, featuring original work and translations by the editor and by Barbara Beck, Philippe Beck, Audrey van de Sandt, Alexis Tchoudnowsky, David Christoffel, Alessandro De Francesco, Noura Wedell, Jennifer K. Dick, Henri Droguet, Raymond Federman, Pierre Le Pillouër, Bruno Fern, Frédéric Forte, Michelle … Read more New Ekleksographia

Two or Three French Takes

At Drouot’s in Paris (the French equivalent of Sothby’s or Christie’s) a big literary sale has just taken place: The manuscript of Jacques Prévert’s “Quai des brumes” (the 150-page scenario of the film directed by Marcel Carné in 1938) was bought by the “musée des lettres et manuscripts” on boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris for 557,640 euros. The manuscript of what may be Prévert most famous song lyrics, “Feuilles mortes” … Read more Two or Three French Takes

Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

& the winner (aka my favorite favorite book of the year) is: Kenneth Irby THE INTENT ON Collected Poems, 1962- 2006 672 pages; hardcover; gorgeous Thorpe Feidt painting on cover; designed by Jonathan Greene; $40. North Atlantic Books Poetry Douglas Rothschild, Theogony. subpress. Dave Brinks, The Caveat Onus, meditations. Black Widow Press. kari edwards, Bharat jiva. Belladodonna/Litmus. Jerome Rothenberg, Gematria Complete. Marick Press. Stacy Szymaszek, Hyperglossia, Litmus Press. Robert Kelly, … Read more Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

An interesting Poetics Booklist for Late Shoppers…

…via Amazon —  Happy hols, i.e. good reading… Essential Guides to Contemporary Poetics A Listmania! list by Katerina Varga (Montreal, Canada) Share with Friends 1.  The Material of Poetry: Sketches for a Philosophical Poetics (Georgia Southern University Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Lecture Series) by Gerald L. Bruns $26.95   Used & New from: $16.91 Create your own Listmania! with this product 2.  Disjunctive Poetics: From Gertrude Stein and Louis Zukofsky to … Read more An interesting Poetics Booklist for Late Shoppers…

Rain Taxi Benefit Auction

RAIN TAXI’S BENEFIT AUCTION Support Rain Taxi and get cool stuff at the same time! Our annual fundraising auction contains a multitude of items sure to please book lovers, many of which were donated by authors in support of Rain Taxi! There are first editions, gorgeous broadsides, rare chapbooks, quirky used books, as well as original art, an article of clothing, a decorative bag, a crazy quilt, and more! … Read more Rain Taxi Benefit Auction

George Fragopoulos On Mahmoud Darwish

One of the better essays on the work of Mahmoud Darwish in this country was recently published in The Quarterly Conversation on-line magazine. I am reproducing a section of the essay below; you can read the full essay here. Tracing Mahmoud Darwish’s Map Essay by George Fragopoulos — Published on December 7, 2009 • more articles by this author • more articles about this publisher • Read more about: … Read more George Fragopoulos On Mahmoud Darwish

It's Heidegger déjà vu all over again

Not sure if it is just a very succesful publisher’s stunt, but a few weeks before the publication of the English translation of Emmanuel Faye’s book on Heidegger as the ur-Nazi, “Heidegger: The Introduction of Nazism Into Philosophy,” the intellectually sophisticated media (from the The Chronicle of Higher Education to have been wallowing in re-treaded Heidegger discussions. It truly is déjà-vu all over again, as the whole thing … Read more It's Heidegger déjà vu all over again

That Old New British Poetry Scene

Came across an interesting piece by Kent Johnson on the new British Poetry scene on the digital emunction site — with the discussion that follows as interesting as what started it. At the same time it gave me a certain sense of déjà-vu, as if the US (& other places too) always-already-again had to (re)discover only to immediately forget the fact that excellent, experimental, avant, post-avant — or whatever … Read more That Old New British Poetry Scene

Sunday Reads

Some Sunday morning reads (& an added game): JG Ballard’s last short story, The Dying Fall, just published by the Guardian, here. J.G. Ballard in 2007 There’s more pictures & writing on Ballard here. * If into French, check out Pierre Assouline’s Le Monde sponsored literary blog La République des livres here. I always find a couple wortwhile pieces to read there each week. Most recently an excellent piece on Pierre … Read more Sunday Reads