Tunisia, Elections, & Women’s Rights

Today Tunisians vote to elect an assembly charged with drafting a new constitution that may help bring the hopes of the Jasmine Revolution of last February to fruition by creating the basis for a truly democratic state.  The fear is, of course, that the better organized & financed religious groupings — locals such as Rachid al-Ghannouchi & his “Renaissance Party” & their supposedly “lite” version of Islam, or the foreign-financed Salafis, … Read more Tunisia, Elections, & Women’s Rights

A Short Syrian Film

The following short film was directed by Dani Abo Louh and Mohamad Omran. It was recently released via Vimeo. It was brought to my attention by Marilyn Hacker. Published on the Jadaliyya site: Conte de printemps from La Chaise Renversee on Vimeo.

Boualem Sansal receives German Peace Prize

This via The Washington Post. Unhappily the talk itself is not yet available either in French or even in German (not to mention English). You can however — if you have German — follow the whole ceremony, the various speeches & Sansal’s address (in French, though with overlaid German simul-translation) here. For those who have German, check out Sansal’s German translator Regina Keil-Sagawe’s excellent homage-essay  in the Neue Zuricher … Read more Boualem Sansal receives German Peace Prize

Ashur Etwebi: “Suns on a Stone”

As Libya frees herself, here is a poem  by Libyan poet Ashur Etwebi, who said (in 2008): “An active world of literature and poetry has developed in Libya over the past thirty years. Little is known about this in Europe because to the West, Libya did not exist on the world map until recently.” Time has come to change this. SUNS ON A STONE by the sea by the … Read more Ashur Etwebi: “Suns on a Stone”

Syrian Poet Aïcha Arnaout Interview

Unhappily I have only a French version & no time right now to translate into English. But here are the opening paragraphs of an interview by Cécile Oumhani with the Syrian poet Aïcha Arnaout. You can read the full interview here. Cécile Oumhani: Entretien avec la poète syrienne Aïcha Arnaout Aïcha Arnaout est une poète syrienne, qui vit à Paris depuis 1978. Elle écrit en français et en arabe et … Read more Syrian Poet Aïcha Arnaout Interview

Boualem Sansal: Cry for life

Via signandsight, which I hadn’t visited in some time, this interview with the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal. (Sansal has alreday appeared on this blog, here, for example). Opening paras below, full interview here. Frustrated youth: in Algeria author Boualem Sansal sees no chance of a national uprising like in Tunesia Algeria’s best-known contemporary author still living in the country, Boualem Sansal has been awarded the 2011 Peace Prize of the … Read more Boualem Sansal: Cry for life