"Whisk! Don't Churn!" Reviews & more

whiskcover1Two reviews of Nicole Peyrafitte & Michael Bisio’s CD Whisk! Don’t Churn!:

— Laura Hinton: “How to Cook Live Poetry: The performance Art of Nicole Peyrafitte” —>here

—Greg Haymes review in the Albany Times Union: —>here

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A good piece by David Noriega on Jerome Rothenberg’s “total translations” of the Navaho Horse Songs (with soundfiles) at the Poetry Foundation’s site: —>here

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Since the publication of her translation of Jonathan Littel‘s The Kindly Ones (I’m still reading it & will eventually report — though I can already say that it is one of the rare books I prefer to read in translation than in the original), Charlotte Mandell has given a number of interviews concerning this book. Links to some of them: —>here, —>here, & —>here.

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