"Counting to Infinity" Shown at Cannes Film Festival


Last year son Miles had the lead role in an indie film written & produced by Derek Morse, called Counting to Infinity. Below an email by Derek announcing that his film is being shown at the Cannes Film Festival this year, so for anyone lucky enough to hang thataway these days, check it out:

Counting To Infinity is Playing at Cannes Short Film Fest

If you know someone that is attending Cannes this year my film, ” Counting to Infinity, ” is playing in the Short Film Corner. Counting To Infinity is a punk rock / hardcore, teen angst emotional film with a dark sense of humor. Couting to Infinity is playing in the short film corner from May 13th – 22nd

There will be some local screening and film fests in the coming months in NYC, CT, NJ

Counting To Infinity Synopsis

Starring – Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Ethan Frank, Dan Shaked, Aaron Martinek, Dallas Coyle, Kris Keyes, Little Joe

Seth, the main character, is a character with whom we can all relate; he comes from a background of a broken marriage as well as a biological father whose role is few and far between. Seth is a creative entity with big dreams, who is willing to do anything to escape from his small town, and is looking to scratch the surface world. Seth confides in his friends for the family structure. The story begins with a first person recount of Seth’s life in Connecticut, and immediately switches to a past life account of the characters’ story. Seth’s family is portrayed as a seemingly normal family, until his Stepfather breaks into the conversation, as a daily drunk who is looking to get his Step-sons riled up. On top of this, Seth’s brother who is a seemingly psychotic and depressed person, willing to lash out at anyone who crosses his path. Seth attempts to break away from this reality, to another, safer reality with his girlfriend Amy, who will give Seth whatever he wants, including a safe haven. Seth soon masterminds a scheme to escape the confines of the small town that he is locked in, and sets out to conquer the world with his friends by his side.

Featuring Music by – Indecision, Most Precious Blood, Crowns of Kings, Wrench in the Works


Derek Morse

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