Iain Sinclair on Ed Dorn

There’s an excellent  review (& more) of Ed Dorn’s Collected Poems by Iain Sinclair in the current issue of the London Review of Book. Below the opening paragraph. Unhappily you need to be a subscriber (& that’s a worthwhile thing to be, see below) to have full access (or pick up a paper copy in a good bookshop) See also Peter Riley’s review, here: Dysfunctional Troglodytes with Mail-Order Weaponry … Read more Iain Sinclair on Ed Dorn

Peter Riley on Ed Dorn’s Collected 2.

The second part of Peter Riley’s reveiw of Ed Dorn’s Collected just cam eout in the Fortnightly Review. Below, the opening paras, for the whole piece, click here. The relentless fury of Ed Dorn 2. A Fortnightly Review of Collected Poems Edward Dorn Edited with a preface by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn Carcanet Press 2012 | 1023pp. | $40.00 £25.00 Two Interviews Edward Dorn Edited by Gavin Selerie and Justin … Read more Peter Riley on Ed Dorn’s Collected 2.

What do Luxembourg, a Python Skin, Translation & Ed Dorn Have in Common?

Nothing, except this post: Off this afternoon to Luxembourg to visit the family, and especially my mother, 88 and not in great shape. Then on to Paris & a conference on translation (details in the next few days for those of you interested in translation who may be in Paris on 11-12 May). Last night Ken Irby forwarded the photo below — via Kyle Waugh — of a smiling … Read more What do Luxembourg, a Python Skin, Translation & Ed Dorn Have in Common?

Lost & found: CUNY Initiative

Lost & Found: The Amiri Baraka/Edward Dorn Correspondence The Kenneth Koch/Frank O’Hara Letters: Selections Muriel Rukeyser: Darwin & the Writers Philip Whalen’s Journals: Selections Robert Creeley: Contexts of Poetry, with selections from Daphne Marlatt’s Journals the  inaugural chapbook series in LOST & FOUND The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative Lost & Found is a publication project emerging from archival and textual scholarship done by students at The Graduate Center, with … Read more Lost & found: CUNY Initiative