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Literary Salon blogged (or wouldn’t it be more logical to write “bloged” or “Blog’d”) the following item, picked up by, where I found it. So I’ll give the prizes a tiny bit more publicity by reprinted the piece here:

More publicity needed for translation prize

The Literary Saloon blog rounds up the winners of the Times Literary Supplement’s Translation Prizes and calls for more publicity for the awards. The prizes, which were announced yesterday (29th September), were accompanied by a lecture from Louis de Bernières.

The Scott Moncrieff Prize for translation from French went to Frank Wynne for his two-for-one translation of Holiday in a Coma and Love Lasts Three Years by Frédéric Beigbeder (Fourth Estate).

The prize for translation from German went to Ian Fairley for his translation of Snow Part by Paul Celan (Carcanet); the award for modern Greek went to Roderick Beaton for his translation of A Levant Journal by George Seferis (Ibis Editions); Peter Robinson took the Italian prize for his translation of The Greener Meadow by Luciano Erba (Princeton UP); and the prize for translation from Spanish went to Nick Caistor for his translation of The Past by Alan Pauls (Vintage).

The prize for translation from Arabic, which went to Fady Joudah for his translation of Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry collections in The Butterfly’s Burden, was announced a while back, according to Literary Saloon.

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  1. mimi chaddy says:

    just love the poetry of Yi Sha, try and catch up with his new book, “Starve the Poet”, translated by Simon Patton an outstanding Chinese translator

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