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  • Richard Moore, Poet & Film-Maker (1920-2015)

    Poet, film-maker, founding member of KPFA, yogi and much more, Richard Moore was associated with the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance. More details here & here for tributes. Below the just posted film with Robert Duncan and John  Wieners. Published on Mar 25, 2015 From the series USA: Poetry (1965) by Richard O. Moore

  • RD is Back!

    On the last day before I left for Europe earlier this month, the mailman brought a gorgeous 869 page book: Robert Duncan — The Collected Later Poems and Plays, edited and with an introduction by Peter Quartermain (University of California Press). Could I somehow stash it in my luggage with all the other books I […]

  • Happy Birthday, Robert Duncan!

    Come & celebrate RD’s Birthday on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 8 p.m.  St. Mark’s Church  | 131 E. 10th Street, New York, NY 10003 — There will be cake in the shape of the cosmos.— With the recent releases of Duncan’s H.D. Book, the first volume of his Collected Poems & Plays and Lisa Jarnot’s excellent Robert Duncan: The Ambassador […]

  • It’s Out! It’s Out!…

    Great joy as late last night I got back to Brooklyn from Albany & found the book package in the mailbox to be a volume I have been eagerly awaiting for over a decade now. Finally, here it is: Thanks are due to Peter Quartermain for an superb job as editor of the volume & for his brilliant […]

  • The Price of Poetry

    Waking up early at the Luxembourg Embassy in D.C. (more on that maybe in the next post) I walk out onto Mass Ave to find a breakfast spot, hang a right after Gandhi’s statue & come to an excellent Belgian Bon Pain joint — organic everything, so soft boiled egg, various breads, etc. Across the street I espy a […]

  • Robert Duncan to Kenneth Irby, May 10, 1963

    Last year as he & his work were being celebrated at the University of Lawrence, Kansas [see post here] Ken Irby  gave me a copy of & permission to reprint the following letter by Robert Duncan  — the first one Irby received from RD. It took awhile, but here it is finally, as photo repro & […]

  • Clément Oudard: from H.D. to Robert Duncan

    After many years, the French are finally adressing Duncan’s work! There had been one smallish “Selected” published by Christian Bourgois in the 80s — a very silly & misleading selection that couldn’t & didn’t work. In fact, when a couple years later Bourgois decided to quit publishing any poetry —American or other  — he would […]