RD is Back!

RDLaterCoverOn the last day before I left for Europe earlier this month, the mailman brought a gorgeous 869 page book: Robert Duncan — The Collected Later Poems and Plays, edited and with an introduction by Peter Quartermain (University of California Press). Could I somehow stash it in my luggage with all the other books I had to lug to Europe & back. Hold it in my hand? Clamp it firmly under my arm while holding a large shoulder bag with same & dragging suitcase with other? Here was what I had clamored for for years — & I would have to leave it behind, ah, heartbreak!

Well, heartbreak it was, but now I’m back & I’ll be able to sit down & entrance myself rereading Duncan from The Opening of the Field onward. And will do, as soon as next week’s Occitan festival at Poets House (see here & here) is over. But meanwhile, you, should you have more time on your hands, can already read the excellent introduction by Peter Quartermain (I did read it immediately) online, here, while waiting for the copy you will have ordered to arrive. Finally a perfect reason for long, cold & snowy winter days & nights.

Uploading the image you see above, I noticed when I reduced it to the page size of my blog that it’s original size had been 666 by something — a magick number by chance occurrence in this e-context RD would probably have run with…

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