The Austin International Poetry Fest—Events & Pix

via Nicole Peyrafitte’s blog with a few additions:

Here are a few shots of our Domopoetics event in Austin. Above is the Kasrtic-Action Painting made during the performance.
Thank you Roger West & Kate Rex for bringing us here. Thank you Francis McGrath for the improvised music. Thank you Samantha Barendson for the snapshots.

Our international contingent — guest poets along with AIPF organizers. #france #Iowainternational#NYC #luxembourg #UK #ukraine #italy #argentina#frenchpyrenees #glasgow

(photo borrowed from Elina Petrova by Kate Rex with thanks) — with Elina Petrova, Pierre Joris, Nicole Peyrafitte, Samantha Barendson, Roger West, Chris Juravich, Kate Rex and Christopher Merrill.

& here is Nicole Peyrafitte singing her Blues de Toulouse on the same stage Janis Joplin sang way back when. Nicole is backed with the Austin avant-blues group Churchwood:
* * *

Next actions/performances/readings will be at the fantastic New Orleans Poetry Festival  — & here is our program:

Friday, Apr 19, 7:00pm
International Feature Reading
Café Istanbul (in the Healing Center 2372 St Claude) with:
Pierre Joris , Nicole Peyrafitte , Salgado Maranhão , Javier Etchevarren , Isabel de la Fuente, Jesse Lee Kercheval

Saturday, Apr 20, 10:05am
Translation in a Xenophobic World
at Cafe Istanbul, Healing Center with:
Pierre Joris , Nicole Peyrafitte , Mark Statman

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