Bad Education: Dr. Skinnybones New Release!

This is family promotion! So, first off, happy birthday Miles! Besides being my son, he is also 1/2 of the core of the band, co-songwriter & drummer. Go listen & buy Dr. Skinnybones’ new CD or try to catch some of their shows: coming Thursday opening for Amanda Palmer (ex-Dresden Dolls) @ Bard College, then, on the next day, 7 September at the Black Swan Pub in Tivoli, NY, & the very next day, … Read more Bad Education: Dr. Skinnybones New Release!

Paris Reading X 3

June 14th: Pierre Joris, Sylvia Mae Gorelick and Miles Joris-Peyrafitte 19h15, 14th June, Bar Long Island, 47 rue Washington, M George V. Pierre Joris’ most recent publications are his translation of The Meridian: Final Version—Draſts—Materials by Paul Celan. (Stanford U.P. 2011),Canto Diurno #4: The Tang Extending from the Blade (poems) as a 2010 Ahadada eBook, Justifying the Margins: Essays 1990-2006 and Aljibar I &II (poems). He is working with Habib Tengour on Diwan Iffrikya: An Anthology … Read more Paris Reading X 3

St. Jacques’ “The Fear of Landing”

The Fear of Landing, the first CD by the group St. Jacques (Miles Joris-Peyrafitte — acoustic guitar, banjo, bass & lead vocals— & Aidan Shepard — drums, bass, backing vocals and electric guitar) is just out. All the music is composed by  Joris-Peyrafitte and  Shepard, and all the lyrics are by Joris-Peyrafitte. It is available from iTune, Digstation and at the bandstand. You can buy the CD or  mp3’s … Read more St. Jacques’ “The Fear of Landing”

He Gone? No, He Back!

Didn’t know what was wrong with New York this last month, but it felt uncanny, unheimlich, no one saying savvy rude things to you or the guy next to you, no one slapping you on the back calling you names or complaining about this or that as you enter Katz’s, no one offering unasked for wise-crack put downs with that unmistakable faint Brooklynese (rhymes with pekinese) people here speak … Read more He Gone? No, He Back!

Winter, Sebald, Norwich, Poetry Marathon, Soju, & more

A quiet evening spent looking out at the wintery landscape here in Brooklyn while spending time online, nomadically moving from one site to another, finally reading Le Monde’s political pages, then its book section keeping Pierre Assouline’s blog La république des livres for last, which in turn led me to a strange and marvelous blog the last post of which opened with the Avercamp winter landscape reproduced above. The … Read more Winter, Sebald, Norwich, Poetry Marathon, Soju, & more

Moving & Music

Packing the books, what’s the first thing to do? To set aside my copy of Walter Benjamin’s Denkbilder so as to be able to reread “Ich packe meine Bibliothek aus (I unpack my library)” during the necessary breaks between boxes. Might as well keep out Jean-Luc Nancy’s On the Commerce of Thinking: Of Books & Bookstores (translated by David Wills), just out from Fordham University Press, as I’ve been … Read more Moving & Music

"Counting to Infinity" Shown at Cannes Film Festival

Last year son Miles had the lead role in an indie film written & produced by Derek Morse, called Counting to Infinity. Below an email by Derek announcing that his film is being shown at the Cannes Film Festival this year, so for anyone lucky enough to hang thataway these days, check it out: Counting To Infinity is Playing at Cannes Short Film Fest If you know someone that … Read more "Counting to Infinity" Shown at Cannes Film Festival