Lost & found: CUNY Initiative

Lost & Found:

The Amiri Baraka/Edward Dorn Correspondence
The Kenneth Koch/Frank O’Hara Letters: Selections
Muriel Rukeyser: Darwin & the Writers
Philip Whalen’s Journals: Selections
Robert Creeley: Contexts of Poetry, with selections from Daphne Marlatt’s Journals

the  inaugural chapbook series in


The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative


Lost & Found is a publication project emerging from archival and textual scholarship done by students at The Graduate Center, with the primary focus on writers falling under the rubric of the New American Poetry. Since accessibility to archival material proposes alternative, divergent and enriched versions of literary and cultural history, the Lost & Found initiative takes the New American rubric writ large, including the affiliated and unaffiliated, precursors and followers.

The books are available for purchase via mail and online here where they are on sale for $10 per issue, $35 per set, and $25 per subscription.

—> On Monday and Tuesday, May 3rd and 4th, 10 a.m.—8 p.m., the set of chapbooks will also be available for purchase at the Center for Humanities’ Annual Chapbook Festival. Look for the Lost & Found table. More information and a schedule for the festival are available here. <—

The Center for the Humanities

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