A One Hundred Years-Old Storm

One hundred years ago the first issue of Der Sturm, the great avant-garde magazine edited by Herwarth Walden in Berlin appeared (well, to be exact it was on 3 March 1910). For those who have German, there is in interesting article on the magazine in the current issue of Die Welt, here. Or, to quote l’incontournable Wikipedia: Der Sturm (German: The Storm) was a magazine of expressionism founded in … Read more A One Hundred Years-Old Storm

That Old New British Poetry Scene

Came across an interesting piece by Kent Johnson on the new British Poetry scene on the digital emunction site — with the discussion that follows as interesting as what started it. At the same time it gave me a certain sense of déjà-vu, as if the US (& other places too) always-already-again had to (re)discover only to immediately forget the fact that excellent, experimental, avant, post-avant — or whatever … Read more That Old New British Poetry Scene