Some Favorite Reads of 2013

I’m a bit late on this, & certainly haven’t read all of the books that came into my house last year, as it sometime takes me a long time to go through the six-foot long side-shelf on the desk where the unreads winter & summer until they find their place on the wall shelves.

Hors Concours: Nicole Peyrafitte. Bi-Valve — Vulvic Space | Vulvic Knowledge. Stockport Flats Press.

1) Jerome Rothenberg, Eye Of Witness (Black Widow Press).

2) Ammiel Alcalay. A Little History (re:public / UpSet Press)

3) Charles Bernstein. Recalculating (Chicago University Press).

4) Michel Deguy. Ecologiques.

5) bpnichol. a book of variations: love — zygal — art facts (edited by Stephen Voyce. Coach House Press).

6) Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, France Théoret, Gail Scott, Louise Cotnoir, and Louise Dupré. Theory, A     Sunday. Translated by Popahna Brandes, Nicole Peyrafitte, Luise von Flotow, Erica Weitzman, Rachel Levitsky & Lisa Robertson. Belladonna.

7) The Marvels of Lambeth. Interviews & Statements by Allen Fisher. Edited bY Andrew Duncan. Shearsman.

8) Robert Duncan. The Collected Later poems & Plays. (UCP)

9)__________.   Collected Essays and Other Prose. (UCP).

10) Thomas Meyer. Lizard or Easy Answers: They Are None. Being a Novel Tracing of the YiJing / I Ching. Blaze Vox [Books].

11) Peter Sloterdijk. You Must Change Your Life. Translated by Wieland Hoban. Polity.

12) Bruno Latour. Enquête sur les modes d’existence. Une anthropologie des Modernes. La Découverte.

13) Abdellatif Laâbi. The Bottom of the Jar. Translated by André Naffis-Sahely. Archipelago Books.

14) Benjamin Hollander. In the House Un-American. Clockroot Books.

15) Jean Portante. In Reality: Selected Poems. Translated by Zoë Skoulding. Seren Books.

16) Edmund Berrigan. Can It! Letter Machine Editions.

17) Will Alexander. Kaleidoscope Omniscience. Edited by Daniel Staniforth. Skylight Press.

18) Seyhmus Dagteken. To the Spring by Night. Translated by Donald Winkler. McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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