Sakineh Ashtian’s Attorney Interviewed in Oslo

The Huffington Post publishes an interview by Bernard Henri Lévy with Mohamad Mostafei, the lawyer of Sakineh Ashtian, the Iranian woman condemned to death by stoning by the Iranian clergy. Mostafei has been forced to give up the case and leave the country to save his own life and that of his family. Below, the opening paras of the interview; you can read the full thing here. Interesting too is the 7 August article in the same publication by Shirin Ebadi on “When Adultery means Death.” Below a video of the first interview  Mostafei gave after he arrived in Turkey.

Until a few days ago, Mohamad Mostafaei was Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtian’s attorney. In addition to his profession, he was one of the free voices of Iran and one of its consciences. Harassed by the mollahs, imprisoned several times, subject to unbearable moral blackmail every time his wife and daughter were threatened, he finally left his country. He answered my questions from a hotel room in Oslo, where he found refuge yesterday, Sunday. Either directly, in English, or with the help of Mahmood Amiry-Mohgad, founder and activist of the NGO “Iran Human Rights”, based in Norway. A clear voice. A lucid mind. His capacity to resist manifestly untouched. The man who does not flinch or waver. He continues the fight. But, for this, he needs us more than ever. Listen to him. It is the first time he has expressed himself since leaving Iran.

Bernard-Henri Lévy

BHL: Good evening, Mr. Mostafaei. I am very moved to be speaking with you. Where are you, exactly?

M. Mostafei: For the moment, I’m in a hotel room in Oslo.

How did you leave Iran?

I crossed the frontier between Iran and Turkey. Five hours on foot. Then on horseback.

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