Tag: Bernard Henri Lévy

  • PEN Gala: Political Correctness Gone Viral

    That a half-dozen writers would counter the PEN proposal to correctly honor Charlie Hebdo with the Toni & James Goodale Freedom of Expression Courage Award & absent themselves from the Gala is explainable. As indeed Salman Rusdhie did explain their actions, despite the use of one inaccurate word. That nearly two hundred more (PEN-members? writers? fellow-travelers […]

  • Sakineh Ashtian’s Attorney Interviewed in Oslo

    The Huffington Post publishes an interview by Bernard Henri Lévy with Mohamad Mostafei, the lawyer of Sakineh Ashtian, the Iranian woman condemned to death by stoning by the Iranian clergy. Mostafei has been forced to give up the case and leave the country to save his own life and that of his family. Below, the […]

  • Two or Three French Takes

    At Drouot’s in Paris (the French equivalent of Sothby’s or Christie’s) a big literary sale has just taken place: The manuscript of Jacques Prévert’s “Quai des brumes” (the 150-page scenario of the film directed by Marcel Carné in 1938) was bought by the “musée des lettres et manuscripts” on boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris for 557,640 […]