Poems, a Dialogue & some Translations

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Douglas Glover’s Numéro Cinq blog/site has just published two texts — “5 Movements of the Soul” and “Hodgepotch” — by Habib Tengour in my translation. You can read them here.

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Further Habib Tengour work in my translation will be coming out later this month in the new journal Asymptote (Brandon Holmquest, poetry editor). You can get a preview here. Looks like an exciting issue — here is their description:

Our showcase of more than 50 authors and translators, from upwards of 15 languages, includes original essays by Mary Gaitskill (introducing Japanese crime writer Natsuo Kirino) and Alain de Botton (on our debt to François de la Rochefoucauld); fiction by Liu Zhenyun (translated by Howard Goldblatt) and Yoram Kaniuk (translated by Anthony Berris); poems by Aimé Césaire (translated by Clayton Eshleman and A. James Arnold), Ko Un (translated by Brother Anthony of Taizé), Pura López-Colomé (translated by Forrest Gander) and Habib Tengour (translated by Pierre Joris); drama by Toshiki Okada (translated by Aya Ogawa); Icelandic visual poetry (on video); an interview with Francis Li Zhuoxiong (Golden Melody Award-winning songwriter and Mandarin translator of the 2010 World Cup song). We are also pleased to announce that Kevin Kunstadt of K&K Photography Gallery has agreed to curate the illustrations for this first issue.

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The new issue of Poetry Wales (Winter 2010/2011) Volume 46 Number 3 features:

Pierre Joris and Jean Portante

on Whales, Ghosts and Nomads: a Dialogue on Multilingual Poetry

plus poems by Jean Portante (translated by Pierre Joris) & Pierre Joris

(Nothing up yet on the Poetry Wales site though that should happen soon; the print issue has, however, come out)

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