Thanksgiving 2007

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Eat enough (but who can eat too much of that dry white birdmeat anyway?) and drink one too many. Don’t forget to check out Geoffrey Gatza’s yearly Poem for Thanksgiving site. This year the guest of honor is Ron Silliman. Here is how Geoffrey introduces the festivities:

Hello and welcome! Let me take your coat and hat. Please grab a warm cider and let’s meet the other guests by the fire. Dinner will begin shortly. This is the sixth year of this poem series and our guest of honor is Ron Silliman. The concept is a menu poem. Each course has a poem associated with a food item in that dish. This is a small tribute to a great poet and if I could have him over for thanksgiving dinner I would make him this. And if he ever decides to come, I’ll be sure to send you an invite so we all can enjoy a small moment of comfort together.

A dinner of 26 courses? Can you do that? Of course, of course. But yes, I have an answer for everything. And you are going to get a taste of a little bit of everything. In honor of Ron I really twisted my mind around what is possible for a meal, well a virtual meal.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and this we cannot eat, but we could, if we wanted to. Each of these dishes can be prepared by me and are in the repertoire prepared at my day job. The meal is planned out for an allevening event and would be portioned out with great care so that even the most delicate of attendees would see all 26 courses in style.

The title comes from the last line in my favorite Silliman poem, “The Chinese Notebook,” number 223.

Geoffrey Gatza

My favorite bit this year is the etymology of ketjak, I mean ketchup. So, go here, download the pdf file and enjoy.


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