Coal and COVID-19

Light at the end of the tunnel? Time to maybe turn from the temporary distractions of the 4-year T-virus (but never forget how insecure this democratic essay is) to the way more massively lethal potential (a potential recognized and endorsed with sadistic jouissance by the T-virus) of what homo stupidus stupidus has done to the planet. Interestingly enough that other, biological, virus we are dealing with right now, may … Read more Coal and COVID-19

The World in a Wheelchair

An interesting, scary &, I believe, accurate article by Eric Holthaus on where we are at concerning global warming was just published by Quartz. Below, the opening paragraphs & the graph: So it’s come to this. Last year, a researcher presented a paper on climate change at the American Geophysical Union’s meeting entitled ”Is Earth F**ked?” which advocated “environmental direct action, resistance taken from outside the dominant culture, as in protests, blockades and sabotage … Read more The World in a Wheelchair

A Future Without Climate Policy

Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research 11/19/2012 4-degrees briefing for the World Bank: The risks of a future without climate policy Humankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases are breaking new records every year. Hence we’re on a path towards 4-degree global warming probably as soon as by the end of this century. This would mean a world of risks beyond the experience of our civilization – … Read more A Future Without Climate Policy

Quantifying Climate Impacts

Joint press release by the Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)  02/07/2012 Quantifying climate impacts: new comprehensive model comparison launched Climate change has impacts on forests, fields, rivers – and thereby on humans that breathe, eat and drink. To assess these impacts more accurately, a comprehensive comparison of computer-based simulations from all over the world will start this week. For … Read more Quantifying Climate Impacts

Climate Dents in Humankind´s Family Tree

This is today as the latest Press Release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) Climate dents in humankind´s family tree: new correlations discovered     Climate changes in Earth’s history have influenced the fate of modern man´s ancestors, but until now it has not been clear why some evolutionary variations developed or disappeared. Scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and Potsdam University have … Read more Climate Dents in Humankind´s Family Tree

Vertical Stacked Forests?

For details of this venture happening in Milan, Italy, go here. Read more: Bosco Verticale in Milan Will Be the World’s First Vertical Forest Bosco Verticale – Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World “The Bosco Verticale is a system that optimizes, recuperates, and produces energy. Covered in plant life, the building aids in balancing the microclimate and in filtering the dust particles contained in the urban environment (Milan is one of the … Read more Vertical Stacked Forests?

Less CO2-emissions = more economic growth

Press Release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK): 21/02/2011 EU climate target: Less CO2-emissions could trigger more economic growth. Increasing the EU’s 2020 greenhouse gas reduction target from 20% to 30% could help boosting European investments from 18% to up to 22% of GDP, leading to a GDP increase of up to €620bn ($840bn) and the creation of up to 6 millions additional jobs. These are … Read more Less CO2-emissions = more economic growth

ABC of Global Warming

Teaching a course in Poetry & Ecology this fall. Friend John Maas forwarded this link here — looks like very basic but useful (because of where it comes from, ideologically) text to start off a group of undergraduates, before moving to the more interesting stuff. This piece is clear middle-brow, pro-capitalist, “contrarian” as neo-liberal fare, even if, as bluntly stated in the postscript, the author has not yet found … Read more ABC of Global Warming

Gulf Oil isn't All that's Leaking…

Here are three reports, just in case we are forgetting other potential (& growing) catastrophic possibilities in our environment while focusing on BP’s crimes against the planet in the Gulf: 1) Methane release ‘looks stronger’ By Michael Fitzpatrick Science reporter, BBC News Scientists have uncovered what appears to be a further dramatic increase in the leakage of methane gas that is seeping from the Arctic seabed. Methane is about … Read more Gulf Oil isn't All that's Leaking…

Earth Day — Green Brain?

Check out this piece in the New York Times (published a year ago, but still a useful reminder on Earth Day 2010): Why Isn’t the Brain Green? By JON GERTNER Two days after Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the United States, the Pew Research Center released a poll ranking the issues that Americans said were the most important priorities for this year. At the top of … Read more Earth Day — Green Brain?