Coal and COVID-19

Light at the end of the tunnel? Time to maybe turn from the temporary distractions of the 4-year T-virus (but never forget how insecure this democratic essay is) to the way more massively lethal potential (a potential recognized and endorsed with sadistic jouissance by the T-virus) of what homo stupidus stupidus has done to the planet. Interestingly enough that other, biological, virus we are dealing with right now, may … Read more Coal and COVID-19

Moroccan Solar Project Gets Go Ahead

via the site: World Bank Group Co-Finances Morocco’s Ouarzazate 500 MW Solar Thermal Power Project NOVEMBER 19, 2011 BY ANDREW BURGER The World Bank approved $297 million in loans to Morocco to support construction and operation of Morocco’s 500-megawatt (MW) Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, one of several large scale solar power projects in various stages of planning or development across the solar energy rich Middle East-North Africa region. … Read more Moroccan Solar Project Gets Go Ahead