James Hansen & Climate Danger in the ‘Hyper-Anthropocene’ Age

Here the two concluding sections of J. Hansen et alii‘s paper: Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms: evidence from paleoclimate data, climate modeling, and modern observations that 2 ◦C global warming is highly dangerous. You can find the whole paper, footnotes, bibliography & figures here. (…) 7 The Anthropocene The Anthropocene (Crutzen and Stoermer, 2000), the era in which humans have contributed to global climate change, is usually assumed to … Read more James Hansen & Climate Danger in the ‘Hyper-Anthropocene’ Age

The World in a Wheelchair

An interesting, scary &, I believe, accurate article by Eric Holthaus on where we are at concerning global warming was just published by Quartz. Below, the opening paragraphs & the graph: So it’s come to this. Last year, a researcher presented a paper on climate change at the American Geophysical Union’s meeting entitled ”Is Earth F**ked?” which advocated “environmental direct action, resistance taken from outside the dominant culture, as in protests, blockades and sabotage … Read more The World in a Wheelchair

Methane in the Arctic

via yesterday’s Independent newspaper: Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas Dramatic and unprecedented plumes of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide – have been seen bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean by scientists undertaking an extensive survey of the region. The scale and volume of the methane release has astonished the head of the Russian research … Read more Methane in the Arctic

Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia

Just in case we’ve forgotten about the Big Weather question while biting our nails worrying about the Republican backlash next week, here’s an article to remind us of the bigger picture out there. And it ain’t a pretty picture: Kyrgyzstan: Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia’s Ecological and Energy Future This year, according to the whitewater-rafting guide, the water was too high, it was too dangerous. The group of beginners … Read more Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia