Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia

Just in case we’ve forgotten about the Big Weather question while biting our nails worrying about the Republican backlash next week, here’s an article to remind us of the bigger picture out there. And it ain’t a pretty picture: Kyrgyzstan: Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia’s Ecological and Energy Future This year, according to the whitewater-rafting guide, the water was too high, it was too dangerous. The group of beginners … Read more Melting Glaciers Threaten Central Asia

Bacteria, BP & Big Bucks

Well, Cloclo’s Kali Yug will have to wait until tomorrow, despite your baited breath, gentle readers, but the following seems important enough to disrupt the summer Beach Reading tales. Nicole — who is off to New Orleans to take part in fund-raising art & poetry activities meant to help alleviate ever so slightly the plight of the Gulf (click here for details) — sent me a piece of journalism … Read more Bacteria, BP & Big Bucks

ABC of Global Warming

Teaching a course in Poetry & Ecology this fall. Friend John Maas forwarded this link here — looks like very basic but useful (because of where it comes from, ideologically) text to start off a group of undergraduates, before moving to the more interesting stuff. This piece is clear middle-brow, pro-capitalist, “contrarian” as neo-liberal fare, even if, as bluntly stated in the postscript, the author has not yet found … Read more ABC of Global Warming

Gulf Oil isn't All that's Leaking…

Here are three reports, just in case we are forgetting other potential (& growing) catastrophic possibilities in our environment while focusing on BP’s crimes against the planet in the Gulf: 1) Methane release ‘looks stronger’ By Michael Fitzpatrick Science reporter, BBC News Scientists have uncovered what appears to be a further dramatic increase in the leakage of methane gas that is seeping from the Arctic seabed. Methane is about … Read more Gulf Oil isn't All that's Leaking…

Earth Day — Green Brain?

Check out this piece in the New York Times (published a year ago, but still a useful reminder on Earth Day 2010): Why Isn’t the Brain Green? By JON GERTNER Two days after Barack Obama was sworn in as president of the United States, the Pew Research Center released a poll ranking the issues that Americans said were the most important priorities for this year. At the top of … Read more Earth Day — Green Brain?

Hackin' Earth?

A big conference coming up with scientists trying to see how to geoengineer the climate of the planet — below links to a few articles on these matters in the current issue of Wired. planet earth Climate Hackers Want to Write Their Own Rules 14 hours ago Read More here. Author Q&A Geoengineering: ‘Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come’ 14 hours ago book excerpt Hack the Planet: Do or … Read more Hackin' Earth?

Weakening Sun would hardly slow global warming

Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research: 03/10/2010 Weakening Sun would hardly slow global warming A new Grand Minimum of solar activity would decrease the rise of global mean temperature caused by human greenhouse gas emissions only marginally. A new modelling study by researchers of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, published online today in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, finds a temperature offset of … Read more Weakening Sun would hardly slow global warming

Undersea Release of Methane

The New York Times today reports on a study that says that “Undersea Release of Methane Is Under Way.” Below, the opening paras of Cornelia Dean‘s article. You can read the whole piece here. Climate scientists have long warned that global warming could unlock vast stores of the greenhouse gas methane that are frozen into the Arctic permafrost, setting off potentially significant increases in global warming. Now researchers at … Read more Undersea Release of Methane

“Global Sustainability – A Nobel Cause”

I haven’t read the book, as it isn’t out yet, but it looks worthwhile, even if Angela Merkel wrote the preface and maybe because Ian McEwan wrote the prologue (both of which you can read online): Joint Press Release by Cambridge University Press and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) 02/08/2010 New book rises to the global sustainability challenge In the wake of the Copenhagen climate conference, … Read more “Global Sustainability – A Nobel Cause”