A Message from the Yes Men


2014 is going to be the most mischief-laden, contestational year in the entire history of years so far—for us at least: this month, we finish the Action Switchboard. (That’s why we’ve been bugging you for donations.) Here’s how it’ll work:

Suppose you live in New York. Suppose you’ve just elected a new mayor, one Bill de Blasio, who clearly wants to do the right thing, but needs public pressure to help him. You’ve got an idea for that, but: Is it good enough to make a big splash? Will it land you in jail? And where on earth can you find those three circus clowns?

No problem. We can help you brainstorm your idea. We can give you unofficial legal advice, and we can put you in touch with people who can help you make a great video. We can even help you find three circus clowns.

That’s the Action Switchboard: a tool that will enable veteran Yes Lab facilitators to connect hundreds of activists every year with our database of volunteers and organizations, and to otherwise assist them in pulling off useful shenanigans that align with specific progressive goals. After we make sure it works right, we’re going to make it available to everyone.

The donations we’ve been haranguing you for will:

  • pay the facilitators who will help activists make projects happen (many will be volunteer, but we want to pay a core crew);

  • continue paying the development team so they can add the new features you ask for;

  • continue building the knowledgebase we’ve been developing for years; and

  • pay a manager who will make sure it all gets coordinated (leaving Andy and Mike with time to carry off the Yes Men actions they sorely miss).

What kind of projects can we expect the Action Switchboard to generate? Well, of the twenty projects the Yes Lab has worked on since 2011, thirteen of them were carried out by independent activists who just needed a little brainstorming help, legal advice, video or writing assistance, and (in one case) three circus clowns. That’s three projects each year; with the Action Switchboard, that could easily go up to dozens—meaning loads more attention for vital issues.


Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to part with our hard-earned dollars. So we’re offering something special (to you, or to the Yes Men fan of your choice!) in return for support:

  • For any $10/month or more recurring donation, get special invitations to online conversations with the Yes Men. The first one is at 1pm EST on Sat. Feb. 22.

  • Give $100 or more annual recurring donation and you’ll get the above, plus an official (sort of) Presidential Letter of Appreciation and a signed copy of the New York Times Special Edition.

  • For $200 or more annual recurring donation, you’ll get the above plus a signed copy of The Yes Men Fix the World.

  • Give more than $300, and you can suggest your own gift. If we’ve got it, we’ll send it.

The Action Switchboard (www.actionswitchboard.net) has the capacity to dramatically increase the number of creative direct actions supporting progressive goals. Please help us make it a reality!

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno
The Yes Men

PS. To donate, click here.

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