The Abbey Taxi Project

English poet & performance artist cris cheek sent the following email to the British poetry list a couple days ago. Last year I visited the Taxi Project in Cambridge — one of the few enjoyable art-moments on that visit to what felt in the main like a depressing and retrograde England.

The current Abbey Taxi Magnetic Message is:

Park by cris cheek (for Ian Hamilton Finlay)
(and can be viewed online @

Abbey Taxi’s MAGNETIC MESSAGES has been operating since early January providing a playful neighbourhood information and message service open to all submissions from local and (now extending to include) translocal participants.

Submissions are invited and welcomed by email to
Please include detailed description of how you would like the text displayed.

Abbey Taxi. Occasionally a translocal MAGNETIC MESSAGE may need to be combined with a local one. Messages will remain in place until they are replaced by another submission. All messages will be archived on the Abbey Taxi logbook pages.

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