Recycled or Plastic Paper?

At breakfast in a Paris café on the rue de Buci (with free WiFi) I’m not yet rid of New York. Reading the Times I came across an interesting, if somewhat glib, article on the use or non-use of recycled materials in the book industry. Interesting to note that it is Jack Schumacher’s North point Press that does the most avant-gare attempts at chaning the materials for book making. You can read it here.

I for one wish they could invent lighter materials for books. In four days of book shopping in Paris, I have already accumulated more than I’ll be able to easily fly back with. Will have to mail packages again, which ain’t cheap.

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  1. Jessica Smith says:

    Hi– there’s an insightful article about this, too, in the july/aug issue of Print magazine. If you’re traveling and must pick up light reading material for the plane, I recommend it.

    Aren’t you allowed 70lbs on international flights? 4 days of book shopping’s put you over that? Tsk tsk. They have invented one lighter material for books, that is, the ebook.

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