Poem de la Week

Been spending much of June recording poems with a range of musicians and recently finished a first mix. The book-cd — to be called, at least, as of now, Routes, not Roots — that will be the final result is not going to come out until late this year or early 07. Here is a little sample from one of the cuts: a section of Lemur Mornings (poems published in Poasis), with Michael Bisio on bass and Benjamin Chadabe on percussion.

Listen to it here. (it’s about 2.5 MB, i.e. largish)

Nicole Peyrafitte’s collage of a much younger me & a dérive map, as seen above, is if not prophetic, then at least an easy segue into the fact that as of tomorrow I’ll be on the road for two months. This means that I won’t be able to blog as regularly as I’ve been doing these last few months with my butt stuck on my chair in Albania, Nueva York. But I’ll do my best.

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