Sunflower, Weary of Time for Tuli Kupferberg

Ed Sanders, Stephen Taylor and Coby Batty, as a sort of Fugs Trio singing a song composed by Ed Sanders & based on William Blake‘s “Ah, Sunflower, Weary of Time” at the celebrations for what would have been  Tuli‘s 87th birthday on 28 September at The Living Theater in NYC.

Tuli Kupferberg Event @ Living Theater

the Living Theater presents: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TULI Tuesday Sept. 28,  7 pm until forever at the Living Theater   – 21 Clinton Street between Houston and Stanton ( F, J, M, G to Essex – Delancey stop or F to Second Ave. ) FREE and open to the public a cast of 100’s  including Videos by Thelma Blitz speakers, readers, musicians i.e. the Fuxxons, Judith Malina, David Amram, John Kruth … Read more Tuli Kupferberg Event @ Living Theater

Homage & Good-Bye to Tuli Kupferberg

On Saturday a Tuli Kupferberg homage was held at Saint Marks in the Bowery’s Poetry Project. The Fugs performed a number of Tuli’s songs, and some 40 plus people spoke or read to honor Tuli, in the very full hall. Below, my amateurish recording of the Fugs doing a Tuli song (an extract, really), and below that my translation of the 1969 Claude Pélieu poem dedicated to Tuli, which … Read more Homage & Good-Bye to Tuli Kupferberg

Benefit for Tuli Kupferberg

I will be in Chicago for readings (more details on that later) so I will have to miss the occasion, but people in the NY area should definitely try to go. Tuli is a culture hero activist Bodhisattva of major proportions — & right now he can need all our help. This, via the Allen Ginsberg Project: Benefit for Tuli Kupferberg January 22 For those of you in the … Read more Benefit for Tuli Kupferberg