Peter Riley on André du Bouchet

André du Bouchet Openwork: poetry and prose. Selected, translated and presented by Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers. Yale University Press | Hardcover 364pp. (Bilingual text) |$26.00/£16.99 By PETER RILEY. ANDRÉ DU BOUCHET’s is the most difficult poetry to describe or characterise; it eludes identification from start to finish and you’re liable to end up speaking entirely in negatives. The poetry doesn’t describe or recount or expound; it doesn’t narrate … Read more Peter Riley on André du Bouchet

On UK lyric, anti-lyric, and political poetry.

Peter Riley is a poet & commentator whose work I follow with much pleasure & gain. His latest column for the Fortnightly Review is available HERE & here is how Peter describes it: It concerns poets pulled or self-propelled part-way or more towards the “advanced poetry” climate in UK, especially its ex-Cambridge (anti-lyric) flavour, set against a poet from quite elsewhere who by cultivating the history of an interceding … Read more On UK lyric, anti-lyric, and political poetry.

Peter Riley on Ed Dorn’s Collected 2.

The second part of Peter Riley’s reveiw of Ed Dorn’s Collected just cam eout in the Fortnightly Review. Below, the opening paras, for the whole piece, click here. The relentless fury of Ed Dorn 2. A Fortnightly Review of Collected Poems Edward Dorn Edited with a preface by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn Carcanet Press 2012 | 1023pp. | $40.00 £25.00 Two Interviews Edward Dorn Edited by Gavin Selerie and Justin … Read more Peter Riley on Ed Dorn’s Collected 2.

Peter Riley on Ed Dorn’s Collected

The Fortnightly Review just published the first instalment of Peter Riley’s review of Edward Dorn‘s Collected Poems (Carcanet Press 2012). It’s one of 3 or 4 “big bokes” on my desk that I wanted to talk about on this blog — happy that Peter Riley did it so splendidly. Below the opening 1/4 of the first instalment of a review that promises to be a major assessment. Part II … Read more Peter Riley on Ed Dorn’s Collected

American Hybrid on Reality Street

A week or so ago I posted a link to Peter Riley’s review of the American Hybrid anthology [here] in the Fortnightly Review; poet & publisher Ken Edwards has just published a piece on this review & anthology on his Reality Street site, which begins as follows: Is it all over? Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, October 5, 2012 Under: writing Peter Riley, in his always interesting regular slot for The Fortnightly Review, … Read more American Hybrid on Reality Street

Peter Riley Reviews American Hybrid

Fascinating review of Cole Swensen and David St. John’s  American Hybrid anthology by Peter Riley in the British Fortnightly Review; first paras below:  IT CAN BE very difficult dealing as a reviewer with a body of poetry with which you feel you have been involved. This anthology collects poets mostly active from the 1990s to the present, with a few senior figures added, in what most people would recognise as a … Read more Peter Riley Reviews American Hybrid

Peter Riley on Oystercatchers

Lovely review by Peter Riley of an excellent English poetry press in the Fortnightly Review. Opening paras below, read the whole thing here: Peter Hughes and Oystercatcher Press. By Peter Riley. Peter Hughes. THE LATEST ISSUES from Oystercatcher Press1 have arrived. They are Cloud Breaking Sun by John James and When blue light falls 32 by Carol Watts.  Oystercatcher is a small press run by the poet Peter Hughes, and his particular way of finding … Read more Peter Riley on Oystercatchers