On UK lyric, anti-lyric, and political poetry.

newtitle5Peter Riley is a poet & commentator whose work I follow with much pleasure & gain. His latest column for the Fortnightly Review is available


& here is how Peter describes it:

It concerns poets pulled or self-propelled part-way or more towards the “advanced poetry” climate in UK, especially its ex-Cambridge (anti-lyric) flavour, set against a poet from quite elsewhere who by cultivating the history of an interceding displacement of the self achieves a true lyrical texture.  And a young poet who does none of these things but is serious about Barnsley.  Poets under review are Simon Perrill, Anthony Mellors, John Mateer and Andrew McMillan.

While you’re there have a look round, e.g. for some engaging poems, not yet up but should be very soon, by Becka McKay, Iain Britton and Anthony Costello, including Costello’s versions of poems by Alain-Fournier. Poems by Alex Houen are already there.

Also two Italian poets translated: Francesco Giardinezzo and Marco Genovisi, an account of a visit to John Ashbery by Anthony Howell, and an Yves Bonnefoy dossier. Also various interesting texts from the 1880/90s.  My own past reviews are collected under the link “Poetry Notes”


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