Some Summer Noticings

Catching up with accumulated magazines, webpages & sundry readings, here are a few gleanings: — Good analysis of the BP-disaster & its (very overlooked connections with similar oil-disaster brought about by the naked greed of the Oil Cos in other parts of the world, i.e. far away from what I call the ABS syndrome (American Bellybutton Staring), can be found here, on TomDispatch in a piece by Ellen Cantarow. … Read more Some Summer Noticings

Cantarow: Resistance in Bethlehem's Villages

Below, the opening paragraphs of Ellen Cantarow’s  Counterpunch article; you can read the full version here. December 15, 2009 Heroism in a Vanishing Landscape Resistance in Bethlehem’s Villages By ELLEN CANTAROW Christmas is coming. My e-mail has returned at least one plea to help Bethlehem – Christ’s birthplace crucified by Israel’s segregation wall; 25 foot-high concrete punctuated by militarized watch towers surrounds the entire town. PEACE BE WITH YOU … Read more Cantarow: Resistance in Bethlehem's Villages