Saturday Night Pleasures: Crothers & Bisio

It may have been hotter than hell at The Stone tonight, but after 5 minutes you knew that even if it was a July scorcher in NYC, the real heat was coming from the two musicians who were cookin’ onstage: Connie Crothers (piano) & Michael Bisio (double bass). A fifty minute set without interruptions, pure playing, pure impro-travelogue, exhilarating for the listener, but, or so it seemed to me, for the players too — for they seemed as pleased and even awed  as the audience with where they were going and taking each other to find out just what lay around the next corner and the next and the one after that. Both are virtuoso performers, absolute masters of their craft — & if you doubt me, check out the opening 5 minutes of their set below (recorded on the low-fi iPhone built-in recorder, my humble apologies for that) or check out their 2010 CD  Session at 475 Kent at Mutable-Music.


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