Nicole Peyrafitte’s Fall Program

Hope this message finds you well and all recovered from the storm.
Below is my schedule for the next month. A lot of exciting gigs coming up here in NYC and in France.

Sunday Sept. 11 7:30 p.m
Poetry in Remembrance
at Erika’s Loft in Brooklyn- Williamsburg
poetry reading to celebrate and grieve those loved and lost on this 10th anniversary
phone 917 865 4875

Monday September 19 8PM
DUO Peyrafitte/Bisio 
University of the Streets
130 East 7th Street
New York, New York 10009
Tel. (212) 254-9300

Saturday October 1st 7PM
Fouet/Textes/Musique & Dégustation!
Crous de Bordeaux Campus de Pessac
with Frédéric Maintenant (piano)

Tuesday October 11 9PM
Frédéric Maintenant (piano)
Aldridge Hansberry (batterie / flûte)
Nicole Peyrafitte (video,voix,textes)
Tuesday 15 November 6PM
multimedia presentation for:
Harvard University
Woodberry Poetry Room
Lamont Library, Room 330
Cambridge, MA 02138

Sunday December 18 7PM
Caffè Lena Saratoga Springs
Nicole Peyrafitte & The Trojans 
( Mike Bisio, bass & George Muscatello, guitar)
The Joris-Peyrafitte family was in France for most of the summer and I have posted four blog entries about the adventure:
Infinite Views
Tourin or Quick Open Fire Soup
Méchoui or Whole Lamb on a Spit
Coque or Gâteau à la Broche

There is also a video  of our very fun gig at the Centre de Montagne de Germ-Louron
with Pierre Joris, Frederic Maintenant, Michel Batlle, Guy Ould-Yahoui:

Stay tune and thank you for your support!
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  1. Poo says:

    That’s quite the schedule. Congratulations and best wishes. Naturally, I shall appear at the gigs in France!

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