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From down under Pam Brown sends me a jpg of the original cover of her 1969 edition of Technicians of the Sacred, writing: “For the celebration – the cover of my battered 1969 copy – still going strong.” I had wanted to use that one for my post two days ago, but my hardcover edition lost its dust jacket long gone.

The latest line-up for the Saturday celebrations at Bowery Poetry Club (which have a new start time, Jerry just informed me: 3:30 p.m. — not 4 p.m.) now read as follows:

Joining Rothenberg will be a group of active poets and performers including Charles Bernstein, George Economou, Bob Holman, Pierre Joris, Charlie Morrow, Rochelle Owens, Nicole Peyrafitte, Diane Rothenberg, Carolee Schneemann, and Cecilia Vicuna.
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