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To bypass CNN & the usual US media, one way of getting news from Lebanon is to use the EI (Electronic Intifada) news. Here is this morning’s sending, with relevant urls:





The following list of 20 articles represents just the last
24 hours of activity on Electronic Lebanon, found at — with a few more are being
added as I write.

It’s really pretty stunning, the sheer amount of
information. What would we have done pre-Internet for
information from a warzone? A lot of the content has come
via Arab discussions lists which include people currently
in Lebanon or neighboring countries. So thanks for all the
help with that. We’ve also put a number of journalists in
touch with people on the ground thanks to phone number

Visits are off the charts. More than 323,000 visits and
over 1,228,000 page views since the start of Israel’s
invasion of Gaza on June 27th and war against Lebanon on
July 12th. These figures are 24 hours behind. By now, it’s
most likely around 350,000 visits and 1.5 million page

Today’s press release for Electronic Lebanon can be found
here, if anyone wants to forward it to media contacts:

A shout out to EI Team members Charlotte Kates and Maureen
Clare Murphy, who have been working tirelessly on content
addtions for the site, from New Jersey & Chicago. During
this period, we have had people directly working on the
site from Beirut, the Netherlands, Palestine, DC, New
York, New Jersey, Chicago, Ireland, and Australia.
Correspondent locations would require a far bigger global

Please continue to send out the URL for the site:

And Gaza is still getting pounded:

Please support the work of EI/eIraq/eLebanon:

Nigel Parry
for EI


EI’s Ali Abunimah appears on KPFK discussing Lebanon,
Audio, KPFK (20 July 2006)


A New Middle East is Born: But not exactly the one
Shimon Peres had in mind (19 July 2006)

Lebanon…What I Pity (19 July 2006)

The racist subtext of the evacuation story
(19 July 2006)


Cruising out of Beirut (19 July 2006)

From Damascus (19 July 2006)

Wondering who the terrorists are… (19 July 2006)

Reconnecting the Displaced: An Update from Lebanon
(20 July 2006)


UNICEF and WHO on escalating violence in Lebanon
and Israel (19 July 2006)

Workforce morale at an all-time low (19 July 2006)

Oxfam International: Urgent action on the worsening
humanitarian crisis (19 July 2006)

Lebanon: Impact of hostilities on UNIFIL troops
(19 July 2006)

Government of United Kingdom: Statement on
developments in the Middle East (19 July 2006)

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Protection
of civilians and accountability (19 July 2006)

Security Council delays, awaits high-level UN team
(19 July 2006)

In Jerusalem, UN team holds ‘intensive and productive’
talks on current crisis – official (19 July 2006)

Voices from the Middle East (19 July 2006)

Syria: More assistance given to besieged Lebanese
(19 July 2006)

Israel Must Provide Safe Passage to Relief Convoys
(20 July 2006)

The Sanayeh Park: The Lawn are Mattresses and
the Trees Ceiling (20 July 2006)


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  1. Clifford Duffy says:

    Hello Pierre Joris, here is a link _ the siege of Lebanaon blog

    I discovered it over at the Znet site.

    Thank you for posting the Kerblog link_.

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