Forthcoming: ‘I Don’t Want This Poem to End,’ New Collection of Work by and About Mahmoud Darwish

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Interlink Books recently added to their website a page for I Don’t Want This Poem to End: Early and Late Poems, by Mahmoud Darwish, translated by Mohammad Shaheen, with an introduction by Elias Khoury:
According to the publisher:

When the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish died in 2008, his friends visited his home and retrieved poems and writings some of which are gathered together in this volume, translated into English for the first time. They include three collections from different phases in Darwish’s writing career, as well as reminiscences by friends drawn from the poet’s final years, and a moving account of the discovery of the new poems in this collection. This volume includes:

  • “How We Found the Poems” by Elias Khoury, a friend of Darwish and a distinguished novelist
  • “My Friend Mahmoud,” a biographical memoir by Professor Mohammad Shaheen, translator of Darwish’s poetry.
  • “The End of the Night,” “It’s a Song,” and “I Don’t Want this Poem to End”—three collections totaling about 80 poems, most translated into English for the first time.
  • “On Exile,” a prose essay by Mahmoud Darwish.
  • A letter from the poet to his brother, written in 1965 from an Israeli prison.
  • “Last Meeting” by Faisal Darraj, a leading critic in the Arab world.

The Interlink website only promises “forthcoming 2017,” while Amazon suggests a mid-August pub date. Mohammad Shaheen, a professor of English at the University of Jordan, previously translated Darwish’s Almond Blossoms and Beyond, also published by Interlink, and Darwish’s Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone? and Absent Presence; the latter was also translated as In the Presence of Absence by Sinan Antoon.

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  1. Aida says:

    I read all his literature in Arabic, is their any one can advise me how I can be batman n this material in English language, also their is a song was translated to English ( Ana Arabi)any one know were I can get it , kindly let me know.

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